Dental crown. Zirconia crown & Metal-ceramic or PFM

Dental crown is used to restore the integrity and shape of the tooth so that it does not differ in appearance and function from natural teeth. Modern dental crowns are extremely aesthetic and do not differ in anything from your natural teeth. Crowns are used in cases where the destruction is so great that it is necessary to protect the tooth from breakage. In time, a crown can extend the life of the tooth by decades and protect the patient from future problems and costs.

In our dental clinic we use an intraoral scanner for digital impression. With the help of digital technology, patients’ teeth can be scanned in just a few minutes. The biggest advantage is that it accurately captures the exact shape of the teeth and the impression is not compromised when transported from the dental office to the laboratory. It is very important for us that this saves patients the unpleasant feeling of taking impression with a spoon and imprinting silicone. The intraoral scanner works with latest generation of 3D technology, which allows the dentist and dental technicians to obtain accurate and precise data on the tooth prepared for a crown.

When is a crown fixed on a tooth?

With a severely damaged tooth, for which restoration with a filling is impossible.
When we need to change the shape, color or size of the tooth.
For harmful habits that can lead to erasure of enamel, such as bruxism, etc.

dental crowns

Types of dental crowns

  1. Zirconia crown – very aesthetic and healthy. The color of the zirconium crown perfectly matches the shade of natural tooth enamel. Their natural vision comes from being permeable to light. Zirconium is a very strong material that is biocompatible with the tissues of the human body and does not cause allergies. The advantage of zirconium crowns is that they look natural and beautiful, as well as that they are light and comfortable. Since the material is characterized by increased rigidity and strength, zirconia crowns are placed not only on the front teeth, but also on the premolars and molars, for us are the preferred choice for placement on implants. Zirconium crowns are suitable for people with sensitive teeth, who, due to the unpleasant feeling of touch, find it difficult to put a crown with metal.
  2. Ceramic crown – excellent aesthetics, suitable for restoring front teeth. They are permeable to light, which makes them look extremely natural. In color, the ceramic crown can fully mimic the appearance of the natural tooth. They are placed only on front teeth, as they are more fragile than zirconium and metal-ceramic crowns.
  3. Metal-ceramic crown – have sufficient aesthetics and can be used to restore front and back teeth. They have an opaque layer of metal that is not permeable to light and look denser than a natural tooth. The metal-ceramic crown is an excellent solution when aesthetics are needed at an affordable price. The modern metal-ceramic crown is made of metal, which is covered with several ceramic layers, but necessarily hypoallergenic in order to be safe for health. Metal-ceramic crowns are strong and durable, so they can perform their function for more than a dozen years. In addition, they restore the functions of the teeth excellently, because they absolutely accurately repeat their shape. However, metal-ceramic crowns have drawbacks, one of which is that they need to improve aesthetics. When the gum recedes over time, a dark metal strip is noticeable, and it is possible to bruise the gum. There is a risk of an allergy to the metal. However, it remains one of the most popular and preferred options.
  4. Blend crown – a crown made of biologically tolerable metal alloy, clad with plastic only on the visible side of the tooth.
  5. Metal crown – made of metal alloy. They require minimal tooth grinding and last long in time.

How to care for my dental crowns?

Care completely coincides with the usual daily maintenance of oral hygiene: proper brushing of teeth 2 times a day, use of mouthwash and dental floss. Mandatory visit to the dental office for dental examination and professional cleaning of teeth every 6 months. These measures protect your gums from inflammation and other infections and prolong the life of your crowns.

For all those looking for high-quality dental crowns, Dr.Boneva Dental Clinic is your choice. We are focused on developing aesthetic dentistry and making crowns indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

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