Granuloma. What do we need to know?

The granuloma is a formation that is created as a result of a chronic infection, most often around the tips of the roots, after the infection has passed through the canals of the tooth. Granuloma is most often due to unsuccessful root canal treatment of a tooth, chronic trauma or asymptomatic inflammation of the nerve of the tooth. Granuloma is the body’s attempt to heal and enclose the infection in something resembling a sac so that it does not spread throughout the body. Periodontitis are infectious diseases in which the infection covers the tissues and bone at the base of the root of the tooth.

Very often, granulomas develop without pain and symptoms and are detected quite accidentally on X-rays.

Treatment implies a complete elimination of inflammation. The main goal of the dentist is to clear the collected purulent mass from the area of inflammation, it is best to approach it through the root of the tooth or to do the so-called endodontic treatment of the root canal. Thus, the initial phase of acute periodontitis can be avoided only by cleaning the canal, antiseptic lavage and placing a temporary filling. In the event that endodontic treatment and prescribed medications do not give a good result, surgical treatment is required. It is essential in the treatment of granuloma to visit a dentist with sufficient experience in this field, who has special dental equipment.

Something we emphasize a lot after treatment of periodontitis (granuloma) in Dental clinic Dr.Boneva is compliance with all prescriptions related to oral hygiene care and periodic examinations until we make sure that periodontitis is completely cured.

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